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5km Course

Start: 290 m.o.s.
Highest part: 372 m.y.s.
Elevation: 82m
Longest climb: 44m
Total climb: 121m

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12,5km Course

Start: 290 m.o.s.
Highest part: 501 m.o.s.
Elevation: 211 m
Longest climb: 82 m
Total climb: 245 m

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25km Course

Start: 290 m.o.s.
Highest part: 607 m.o.s.
Elevation: 317 m
Longest climb: 115 m elevation
Total climb: 520 m

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50km Course

Start: 290 m.o.s.
Highest part: 614 m.o.s.
Elevation: 324 m
Longest climb: 115 m
Total climb: 1250 m

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Our sponsor Hertz, car rental has a special offer for those who take part in the Fossavatnsgangan.
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2017 seafood party and dance

There is no better way to finish your Fossavatnsgangan adventure than to attend our seafood party and dance on Saturday night.

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Our partner Craft Sport offers waxing services at their store, where you can leave your skis and have them done for you. The guesthouses usually try to provide some facilities for their guests who want to wax their skis themselves. There are waxing facilities at the parking behind Hotel Isafjordur, Silfurtorgi 2 where skiers can wax their own skis. You have to bring your own stuff though.
All tracks are open the days before the race, although some of them might not be in perfect condition while our track team is working on them. Seljalandsdalur Ski Area (the start and finish of the race) is at ten minutes’ driving distance from the town center. If you do not have access to a car, you can take a taxi or use the ski bus. The ski bus will run from Tuesday to Saturday. All bus trips to race events are included in your registration fee. All other bus trips to the ski area cost ISK 1000 . If you are driving your own car, please note that the ski area is closed for private vehicles on Saturday, except for a quick drop-off. Skiers are urged to use the ski bus.
The short answer is: You are going to Iceland, so nobody knows! We have had all possible types of snow for the past few winters, from the wonderful red klister crust to the cold new snow that calls for a blue hard wax. Hence, be prepared for everything and remember that even though you find a wax that works perfectly when you try the track on Friday, we may have completely different conditions on Saturday morning. To help you, though, our partner Craft Sport will share their waxing tips on the Fossavatn Facebook site the last few days leading up to the race.

Who is registered?

Find out about the participants racing in Fossavatnsgangan 2017

The oldest ski race in Iceland

Fossavatnsgangan is the oldest ski race in Iceland, dating back to 1935. After being cancelled a few times in the 1940s and 50s, the race has been held every year since 1956.

Fossavatn Fossavatn Fossavatn Fossavatn

The first decades

For the first few decades the race was 20 km long. In 1987 a shorter distance of 10 km was added, and two years later another addition was made, this time an easy 7 km course which is suitable for children and beginners.

The 50 km race has been on the program since 2004.

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The most successful Fossavatn athlete

The most successful Fossavatn athlete is the local skier Kristjan Rafn Gudmundsson, who won the race 12 times in the 1960s and 70s.

However, the skier who has participated in most Fossavatn races is another local, Sigurdur Jonsson, who first skied the race in 1938 and has participated almost every year since!

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Increased attention from skiers overseas

After the inauguration of the 50 km distance, Fossavatn Ski Marathon has been getting increased attention from skiers overseas.

The race was added to the FIS Race Calendar in 2005, and that same year the Fossavatn became a founding partner of the FIS Nordic Ski Marathon Cup, a series which includes the Holmenkollen Skimaraton in Norway, Tornedalsloppet in Sweden, Oulun Tervahiihto in Finland and Fossavatn Ski Marathon in Iceland.

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Cross-country superstars

Many superstars from the world of cross-country skiing have graced the Fossavatn with their presence. The first of those was Norwegian Paul Gunnar Mikkelsplass, who skied the Fossavatn in 1985, when he was at the peak of his carreer as a world cup skier.

In recent years this group has gown bigger with the addition of people such as the Norwegian legends Thomas Alsgaard and Hilde G. Pedersen, Suzanne Nyström and Lina Anderson from Sweden, and the tripple Vasaloppet winner Oskar Svärd.

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