12,5 km track open today

We've had some fresh snow in the past few hours and our groomers are working hard on laying down the 12,5 km track for everyone to practice on today. The track takes you up to 500 m, which is about the same altitude as the biggest part of the 25 km and 50 km tracks are at tomorrow. It therefore gives a good idea of what snow conditions might be like tomorrow, helping you decide on how to prep your skis. Both 25 km and 50 km tracks will be closed due to work on the tracks, but the 12,5 km gives you a good overview of what the conditions are like.
The track will be ready around 12:00 noon, right in time for the first bus up to the ski area.
Weather forecast for today is light snow, -1°c and wind might pick up slightly in late afternoon, along with temperatures dropping and snow clearing during the night. Giving us clear sky, fresh snow and -4 to -6°c on the tracks tomorrow morning when we start the race. But you are in Iceland... weather and forecast change rapidly, monitor the forecast closely here: http://en.vedur.is/weat…/forecasts/areas/west-fjords/djupid/