25 km skate and Children's Fossavatn results

Today, Thursday, the Fossavatn weekend started with sunshine and a 25 km skate race and the Children's Fossavatn (5 km and 1 km races). You can already find some great pictures from today's races from Gusti Photography and Ásgeir Helgi on our Facebook page


As always you can follow the race and results through life tracking at timataka.net but here are today's main results.


25 km skate
1. Caitlin Gregg (USA) - 01:16:40.6
2. Britta Johansson Norgren (SWE) - 01:18:03.9
3. Laura McCabe (USA) - 01:19:38.0

1. Snorri Einarsson (ISL) - 01:08:36.8
2. Brian Gregg (USA) - 01:09:06.6
3. Jake Brown (USA) - 01:09:36.1

5 km Children's Fossavatn
1. Hrefna Dís Pálsdóttir (ISL) - 00:23:36.5
2. Unnur Guðfinna Daníelsdóttir (ISL) - 00:24:02.9
3. Beth Ireland (GBR) - 00:24:26.3

Tomorrow most competitors will rest and prep their skis for the big day, but the weather forecast promises good weather when the 50 km race starts on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. We encourage everyone to come and cheer on the racers but the Fossavatn agenda and all important information about the competition can be found here at fossavatn.com


Thank you for today and we look forward to see you on Saturday!