Fossavatnsparty is now open for sale

Dont be late, buy a ticket to our very popular Fossavatn Party on Saturday May 4th, a selection of great fish dishes from our local area. We will also serve 1x dish, vegetarian and 1x dish  of meat casterole a la Hótel Ísafjörður.
Light entertainment and music while you dine.
After the dinner you're in for the best party of the year, the Party of Fossavatnsgangan.
Dance and enjoy life, celebrate a great race, Fossavatnsgangan 2019.

The price, only kr. 7.000,-

The Party will be held at the Sporthall Torfnes, opens at 19:30

Tickets will be handed out at the Registration Office

Price: ISK 7000 per person (for buffet and dance)
Time: The door opens at 19:30
Number of tickets: 650.
Max no of tickets per order: 10.
Please order your tickets here below and then collect them at our race office during number delivery,
After that, uncollected tickets will be sold saturday at the café buffet.