Here you will find information that are important and is best to read through and memorize before the race. It is a good idea to check this space regularly for updates. 



50 km  - (42 km) From 08:00, we use a floating start, competitors can start when they are ready. Fast skiers should take a earlier bus. Skiers should keep right in track so overtaking is possible.
25 km - (21 km) From 09:00, same starting as in 50 km. (42 km)
12,5 km -  (8 km) From 09:10, same starting as in 50 km (42 km)


Time limit:

Time limit are as follows. You must be at the drinking station Heiðin (approx 8 km)  within 1:45. and also at the same place after approx 35 km within 5;30


Fossavatn busses:

Please note that bus fares are included in your race package on raceday. Skiers therefore travel for free when going to race, at 15:00 and 15:30 on Thursday and from 06:30 to 09:30 on Saturday. On other busses a return fare is 1000 ISK.
There will be no cars allowed up to the race grounds. Please take a good look at the bus times and plan your time in accordance to those.



In Iceland, the weather and weather forecasts can change both often and quickly. We highly recommend you check the forecast on a regular basis to best keep on top of the latest information. 

The following webpage is normally quite accurate and is updated a few times during the day:



Remember that you have to have a backpack in 25 km and 50 km on Saturday. The backpack has to weigh 1,5 kg and include a jacket and trousers, gloves and a hut.